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Welcome to Notts Counselling and Psychotherapy online, the website of Chris Garnett, counsellor and psychotherapist. The website outlines my counselling approach and the services I offer.


  • I provide counselling and psychotherapy in central Nottingham
  • I work with organisations in the East Midlands to provide counselling and supervision for individuals and groups.
  • My approach offers a range of ways of working including short and long term work.
  • If you would like more information visit the pages on this site. You will also find more general information about counselling and psychotherapy, including some client feedback about the process,  at the  More Information page on the Contact tab.
  • If you would like to take your interest further do feel free to get in touch.

Services I Offer

Counselling &

I work with individuals, couples and organisations in a number of different ways

  • In all cases I offer an initial assessment discussion.
  • I offer short-term contracts of up to 6 sessions around specific problem areas.
  • I also work longer-term depending on the client and the complexity of the issues they bring.

Supervision Services

I provide supervision to qualified therapists and therapists in training. For more information on my approach to supervision click here.

Online working

I am currently working online using Skype, Zoom, other media or by phone. This is a practical approach in the current circumstances and is supported by professional bodies who have issued guidance on ethics and confidentiality. Feedback from clients is largely positive – it works for them provided they have access and a confidential environment from which to speak. All other arrangements for initial assessment, on-going sessions and supervision remain unchanged

My Clients

My clients often come with a range of practical concerns. These may be linked to longer-standing issues.

Examples of particular concerns I work with include the following:

Anxiety – Alcohol or substance use – Addiction – Depression – Loss – Obsessions – Relationship issues – Family issues – Stress – Self-harm – Suicidal thoughts – Trauma – Work-related problems

Equally, clients may express a general wish to improve their  quality of life….

…and this may connect with working with some issues in day to day life.

Clients differ in how much they want to look at deeper issues. Often they want to get on with their lives.

…others see therapy as a life-changing process.

About me

I have a background in education, management, consultancy, coaching, counselling and psychotherapy.

My practice is located in Nottingham, and I also work with individuals and groups in other areas of the country.

I started training as a therapist in 1999. I have completed training as an integrative psychotherapist, and I have completed CBT training, RELATE training in couple counselling and Family Counselling. I am a BACP and UKCP accredited therapist, and a trained clinical supervisor.

I have experience of working in private practice and for local agencies and organisations. These include alcohol agencies, a GP practice, NHS Psychotherapeutic Services and with Nottinghamshire Police. I have worked in the community as a family counsellor.

As an integrative therapist I am keen to learn new insights and techniques which will enrich my work with clients – while staying aware of the importance of the quality of the relationship with the client.

My Values

value customers users viewer

I am committed to working ethically in accordance with the codes of ethics and practice of UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy), BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and AFT (Association for Family Therapy).

I have core values which embrace:

  • a belief in the healing power of human relationship.
  • a respect for the client and their expereince.
  • the importance of the therapeutic relationship (counsellor and clients).
  • the role of client in contracting, review and ending the counselling.
  • a priority on working ethically


A key principle in my practice is reflexivity – which entails awareness by me of the impact and context of my actions and behaviours as a counsellor and therapist.


I subscribe to the codes of practice of UKCP and BACP. These provide a complaints procedure and process by which clients with a complaint can seek redress. Click here to access the complaints procedure of UKCP

Supervision Services

Safe Space

I am an experienced and qualified supervisor. My approach to supervision is an integrated relational one. In practice this means :-

  • respecting and using the inter-relationship of client, supervisee and supervisor
  • awareness of the challenges supervisees bring to supervision
  • providing a ‘safe space’ in which to work

I have worked with qualified and trainee counsellors and therapists, individually and in groups, and on behalf of organisations.

Getting started, fees and payment

Initial Discussion and Assessment

I always suggest an initial telephone discussion to see if we think I can help. At the initial session I give you my assessment, and suggestions for ways forward. There is no obligation to take up sessions following this assessment

On-going Sessions

I charge £48 per hour for individuals. I offer concessionary fees to clients on an individual basis dependent upon circumstances. Company and corporate rates are available on request.

Terms of Payment

Payment may be made in advance or on a session by session basis

Links & self help

This section provides information that may be of help if you are looking for counselling or therapy services….or simply self-help

Counselling Organisation Links – 2 of the largest accrediting bodies for counsellors and psychotherapists, and a complaints procedure

UKCP ( United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy)
BACP ( British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy)
UKCP Complaints Procedure

Local and national agency links – to organisations providing first line services

National Child Protection Helpline – NSPCC helpline and Childline – a confidential crisis helpline
Last Orders Alchol Services Nottingham – confidential and practical support with alcohol issues
Drug Advice, Nottingham – John Storer Clinic – a community-based service for clients with drug related problems
National Domestic Violence Helpline – includes a Freephone 24 hour Helpline
Relationship Counselling Nottingham – the Nottingham branch of the nationwide relationship counselling service, Relate

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